Indian Contract Act Important Issues

The Law of Contract covers the enforcement of what?
Voluntarily created civil obligations

The obligations that do not necessarily arise from an agreement are what?
Torts, Quasi-contracts and Court Judgments

What is it called when a person making a promise may be bound to obey the promise even without any agreement or contract?
Promissory Estoppel

A stranger to a contract cannot sue is defined in which doctrine?
Privity of Contract

What are the exceptions to the Privity of Contract rule?
Trust, Family and marriage agreements and Acknowledgment and estoppel

What is it called when a contract cannot be enforced due to technical defects though it is perfectly valid in its substance?
Unenforceable contract

The agreement creates and defines the obligations between the parties was mention by whom?

The agreement to give assistance, to give financial support or otherwise to another to enable that other to defend in legal proceedings is called what?

What is it called when one party is to assist another in a bargain of recovering property and to share the proceeds?

What is it called when any offer is addressed to the public at large?
General Offer

What is that situation called when two parties make identical offers to each other and they are ignorant of each other's offer?
Cross Offer

What is it called when an Offer is open for acceptance over a period of time?
Standing Offer

What is a bid at an auction sale is called?
Implied Offer to buy

What is it called when a plot for sale is advertised by the owner in the newspaper?
Invitation to Offer

What is it called when goods in a supermarket are displayed with a price tag on them?
Invitation to offer

When a person proposes certain terms without expressing his final willingness but is willing to negotiate is called?
Invitation to treat

Goods are displayed in a shop with a price tag on them. The offer must come from whom?

What is an offer of performance is called?

What is a tender?
It is only a quotation of prices

When would a tender converts into a standing order?
On approval of the tender

What is it called when an advertisement is given to sell a thing by auction?
An invitation to offer

The owner of a shop publishes a catalog of things in his shop for the general public to see. What is that catalog called?
An invitation to offer

What is it called when a notice is given in a newspaper inviting tenders?
An invitation to the proposal

What is it called when a proposal is accepted?
It is called a promise

Who is a promisor?
A person who is making a proposal

Who is a promise?
A person who accepts a proposal

What is the price of a promise is called?

What is called doing or not doing something at the desire of the promisor?

What is it called fulfillment of some condition or performance of some condition by the promisee?

Consideration must move at the desire of whom?
The promisor

Can a stranger move a consideration?
Yes, consideration can move from a stranger

Can a stranger to consideration sue for breach of contract?
Yes, a stranger can sue

What is past consideration?
Desire or request of the promisor in the past for a price or service and is followed by a promise.

What is the act called when done in response to a positive promise?
Executed consideration

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